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Committee on Finance

The members of the Committee on Budget and Financial Services shall be the Trustees of the Corporation for the purposes of Michigan statutes. The Chair of this Committee shall be the President of the Corporation. The Stated Clerk shall be the Secretary and Resident Agent, and the Presbytery Treasurer shall be the Treasurer of the Corporatio

      2021     Mike Stoll

      2021     Tom Juntune

     2022       Leanne Deuman

     2022       Dan Richards

     2023      Ted Fines (Chair)

 Committee on Worshiping Communities

The concept of Worshiping Communities may include varied forms of church for our changing culture. 

       2021  Maggie Tall

       2022  Rev. Karen Zurakowski

       2023  Dawn Robbins (Chair)

Committe on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry (COM) and includes Preparation for Ministry, works with churches to recruit, install, and support leadership. Leadership includes ministers and elders. In addition COM works with churches to promote peace and harmony and in many cases is the first resource when difficulty arises in the church.  

Click here to download COM Manual.  Click here to download COM Sexual Misconduct Policy.  Click here to download the Separation Ethics Policy

       2021  George Carnahan

      2021  Rev. Dr. Donald Kinloch

      2021  Rev. Jan Reed  (Chair)

      2021  Dawn Robbins

     2022  Rev. Dr. Greg Zurakowski

     2022  Rev. Andrew Plocker

     2023  Rev. Dr. Bob Brown

     2023 Joseph Leach

     2023  Richard Wissell

     2023  Rev. Jaime Klinger


Committee on Education and Leadership Development

The Committee on Leadership Development acts as a coordinating group for initiatives in the area of Evangelism, Christian Education, Social Concerns, and Youth Ministry. Their role is to create an environment for leadership to work in these areas of ministry

        2021  Cheryl Thom

        2021  Rev. Dr, Kip Murphy (Chair)

       2021  Al Beamish

       2022  Sharon Rocker

       2023  Jim Rodgers


Committee on Representation and Nominations

The Committee on Representation and Nominations is to ensure diversity and inclusiveness in leadership and employment of the Presbytery as outlined in the Book of Order.  (F-1.04 and G-3.0103). They are committed to seeking a wide range of people from all parts of the Presbytery. The only committee for which they are not responsible is their own committee. The Council nominates names to be presented to the Presbytery of the Committee on Nominations

        2021  Rev. Bill Payne

       2022  Rev. David Henderson 

      2022   Florence Morrison

      2023   Maggie Tall

      2023  Rev, Karen Zurakowski (Chair)


Permanent Judicial Commission

The Permanent Judicial Commission shall have seven members and will be activated to exercise authority as described in the Rules of Discipline of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church. The Rules of Discipline are outlined under section D of the Book of Order.

 2021   Janet Rathka

2021   Leanne Deuman

2021   Rev. Bill Payne

        2023   Rev. Mark Gabbard

        2023   Scott Edgar

        2023  Rev. Ian Macinnes-Green

       2025    Jim Halsey

       2025   Rev. Bob Brown

       2025   Rev. Dr. William Myers

Committee on Personnel

The Committee on Personnel evaluates, supports and recruits appropriate staff for the Presbytery of Mackinac, implementing and overseeing all provisions of the Personnel Policies of the Presbytery and reviewing annually the work of all Presbytery staff and the Stated Clerk.   

       2021  Rev. David Ramage

      2021  Rev. Ryan Donahoe

      2022   Brenda Ransom

      2023   Rev. William Ryment (Chair)

Presbytery Point Camp Board

Presbytery Point Camp Board operates the program and oversees the maintenance and development of buildings and Presbytery Point. They are a non-profit board acting to carry out the vision of Presbytery for camp and conference ministry.

      2021  Andrea Sarto, President

      2021 Katie Richard

      2021  Peter Kenn

     2022  Scott Aldrich

     2022  Rev. Jim Porter

     2022  Faye Elder


Committee on Session Records

The Committee on Session Records is to have six members. The Committee is responsible for the annual review of the records and minutes of the sessions, using the forms and guidelines supplied by the PC(USA) and subject to G-3.0107 and G-3.0204. Click here to download Session Records check list.  Click here to download Session Records special items.

        2021  Dorothy Lotterman

       2021  Steve Kosto

       2022  Cyndi Couchene  (Chair)

       2023  Joyce Henderson

       2023  Sue Fantini

Mission Committee

  • Empowering and leading local congregations to consider what the gospel is asking them to do in their own communities, while recognizing that communities change and the Spirit does new things.
  • Developing a mission interpretation program for the Presbytery of Mackinac that shall help local congregations to include Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly Mission work in their activities and prayers.  
  • Promoting through print, mission interpreters, mission trips, etc., opportunities for the Presbytery and congregations to engage in the mission of the church.  
  • Developing ways to encourage congregations to do mission together.   
  • Overseeing the budgeting and spending for the mission portion of the Presbytery budget.    

        2021  Rev Sandra Murray (Chair)

        2021  Karen Richards

        2021  Jill Stoll

        2022  Cyndi Couchene

       2022  Joe Leach

       2023  Nancy Barkat

      2023  Thomas Juntune

Readers for Ordination Exams - 2021

          Clergy:  Rev. Dr. Lois Aroian

           Elder:   Sarah Juntune

           Alternate: Dawn Robbins